The day my film went wrong.

Those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning have probably got an idea of the kind of photos I take and like. I don’t use photoshop to enhance my personal work, I like  the colours to be natural and calm.

When I was down at the coast, I don’t know if I put my camera on the wrong settings for the film or if it was the film itself (knowing me, it was probably my error), but you can imagine my surprise when I developed my films and found the photos below. The colours are so intense, and a lot of the photos are completely blown out.

The sky is completely gone in the photo below…I know it was a sunny day and all, but it wasn’t that bright!

The red in the photo below is kind of crazy…

Incase you were wondering, all of these photos were taken from the other side of the bay where I was in the last post – you can see here the full extent of the cliffs demise into the sea…

I am probably most annoyed about the photo below…..I loved looking at these two women just sat on the bench looking out of the sea. I could just imagine myself doing the same thing in 60 years from now.

So whatever happened to my film to make the photos above the way they are, also caused some happy mistakes. Below are some photos, that I think at least have actually turned out really nicely.

I think the colours in these two photos are beautiful. The way that the water and the clouds reflect the colours in each other, it reminds me of some kind of peaceful painting.

So what I learnt about messing up my film – yes some photos aren’t how you wanted them to turn out, but some can be completely unexpected gems, like this one above. Looking at it just takes me back there and instantly makes me feel calm – which for me, feeling calm is a rare thing, so it is much appreciated!

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  1. It looks to me like maybe you had a small light leak during processing. Were you shooting negative or transparency film? It’s a disappointment, but maybe you can figure it out and avoid the problem next time. Keep on shooting!

    • Hi Bruce, thanks for this. I was shooting negative – I think I set the ISO wrong on the camera for the speed of the film, I was shooting roll after roll with different types of film, and sometimes my mind just went blank! I can see where you are coming from with the light leak though too….
      Thanks for your comment, and hope you enjoy the blog!

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