choicelogo2 Sarah instigated and implemented social media activities in this East London disability charity. Part of the service that Sarah provided was creating a Twitter presence. Using Twitter proved vital in making contact with local and national organisations to benefit the various projects and services that Choice provide.

Through the use of Twitter they formed links with organisations so some of Choice’s service users could have a meaningful work experience placement – something that had been difficult to organise before due to the economic climate.

Sarah is continuing to work with Choice to to bring their social media forward and create an online community and network.



picsealtion-logo-wsSarah worked with this Somerset based photographic and fine art printing company to create a social media presence. She started a Facebook page, a Twitter profile and a WordPress blog to keep their customers and the general public up to date with the work they were doing. Sarah initiated a featured Artist of the Month which included a showcase work and an interview with one of Picselation’s artists. This proved popular and gave the artists free advertising for any upcoming show or exhibitions they had.




Sarah worked with Kate Morris from Brighton based knitwear brand, Bedroom Factory Knits, on sprucing up her social media presence.  Kate had a Facebook page and a Twitter profile already but needed some advice on how to better connect with her customers. Sarah and Kate made a plan and worked out what she wanted from her social media presence.

Sarah also built Bedroom Factory Knits a new website, featuring many of her designs and products. It also allows people to keep up to date with where the BFK products were going to be sold. A second stage website with an online shop is currently in progress!

Through the launch of Kate’s website and the improvements in her social media use, Bedroom Factory Knits was featured in Company Magazine – exposing her to a national audience, which proved hugely successful in generating orders.