Day Two – Brixham.

On our second day, the sun decided it was going to come out in full force so after a hearty hotel breakfast we decided to venture out of Torquay and go to the town across the bay – Brixham.

Brixham is a small town and fishing, along with tourism, is its main industry.

This is probably the best view I have seen from a car park for a long while….

Very good advice…..!

The colour of the water was kind of incredible for England….or perhaps its just my film?

I think its cute when boats are tied onto together – its like they are holding each others hands so they don’t float away!

Brixham harbour is one of those places that I could just spend all day watching the world go by, and thats pretty much all I did whilst I was there. I found a good spot, plonked myself down and people watched.

This is the entry way onto a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship, The Golden Hind.

After a good old explore on The Golden Hind it was time to get back onto dry land and say hello to the seagulls….

THIS little guy (actually, he was pretty large) was a menace. He was picking – quite literally – on everyone who was quietly sat there with their fish and chips. The little boy in the corner of the photo below was getting very heavily picked on, and consequently very irritated by the little chap!

The photo below was taken from an area of the harbour aptly name ‘Artists Corner’ – I love it.

The Golden Hind in all its glory…!

As the sun was beaming down on us, it was definitely time for a glass of wine…any excuse ey?!

Before we went to Brixham, this little fish stall was recommended to me by my friend J, who in my opinion at least, knows what he is talking about when it comes to food, so even though it doesn’t like much, I knew we were in for a treat.

I ordered the prawn cocktail and when this arrived, I was amazed. Who would have thought that from this little wooden hut next to the harbour, these dishes would come out, filled with the freshest, most beautiful prawns I have ever tasted. I can highly recommend Jenny’s little fish stall.

After we had devoured all these prawns, we had a wander around the working side of the harbour.

I was surprised by the number of these little boats that were parked up. I don’t know if they would be used for fishing or for just kind of….jetting about places, but whatever they are used for, they are definitely popular. I wouldn’t mind having a little run around in one of those I must say…none of this super yacht nonsense for me!

So that was our day trip to Brixham. I can’t tell you how much I loved the place, and the fact that the sun came out made it even better.

I <3 Devon!

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