Kings Cross/St Pancras/Booking Office Bar

A few months ago, I went to the Booking Office Bar at the newly restored St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in Kings Cross.

I am a sucker for old buildings and architecture and I love knowing the history of places, so this dramatic bar with its huge high ceilings and bare brickwork is a bit of dream for me.

I was too busy enjoying my wine and catching up with my cousin and her fiancé to take too many pictures of the inside, but I will definitely be heading back there soon to get some more detailed photos.

Here are a selection of other photos I took in and around Kings Cross and St. Pancras:

I had never been inside St Pancras before – I guess i never had a reason to, so I thought I would take full advantage and get my little camera out and start snapping.

Whatever you may think about the politics of the Olympics being in this country, I thought that it is a nice touch that as soon as people get off the Eurostar here at St Pancras, they will immediately see the giant Olympic rings hanging from the ceiling.

So my trip to the Booking Hall Bar was over. It was a perfect setting to catch up with family, opulent and decadent enough to be special, but not too pricey to frighten you away.

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