The English Riviera – No.7

On our first evening in Torquay, we were due to go to what we had heard was the only fish restaurant to go to in Torbay – No.7 Fish Bistro. However, a mix up with our reservation gave us a good excuse to go and find a little pub and to return to the restaurant later in the evening – no complaints here!

We had seen what looked like a tiny little pub called The Hole in the Wall, halfway up a steep little alleyway.  Famed as the oldest pub in the area, previously frequented by pirates and smugglers – and as I have said before, i love places with history, this sounded just the place for me.

With its cobbled floors and low beamed ceilings, it certainly had a great atmosphere. They had parts of old shipwrecks on the walls, one of which was a fully intact porthole which was found in Torquay harbour. You can see more of The Hole in the Wall pub here!

So, after we had a couple of drinks, it was time to make our way back up to No.7.

The wait had made me even more excited and eager to get in there! No.7 is  a cute little family run restaurant. It has a really relaxed atmosphere, all the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and we were eyeing up all the other diners dishes as they were brought out – we knew we were in for a treat! You can look at their website here - if you are ever in the area, or even if you are not, it is definitely worth a visit.

The restaurant walls are lined with these beautiful tiles, and otherwise simply decorated with paintings hanging. They don’t need to rely on things to distant their customers from the food, the meals are definitely the main focus here. However, they did have some rather terrifyingly large crabs on the wall, which I for one, was hugely pleased we were not sat underneath!

Champagne to start…..

This, was the main course.


It was the Tempura Special – tempura salmon fillet, tempura plaice fillet, tempura cod fillet AND tempura king prawns, with three choices of little dipping sauces .

I cannot tell you just how good it was.

All the fish was cooked perfectly, so succulent, tender and probably the freshest fish I have ever had. Having that much could have been too greasy, but it wasn’t – the tempura was light, crispy and golden. Beautiful. All the dishes were served with a selection of simple veg and proper thick, chipper chips but without all the greasy stuff. Just perfect.

Monkfish in a sauce, tempura fish and a pan fried cod fillet – gorgeous!

We really shouldn’t have looked at the pudding menu considering we could barely move after the mains, but they were just too tempting to miss. I chose, definitely one of my top puts of all time – treacle tart.

Treacle tart can be so heavy and overwhelming, and when I saw the size of the slice I thought I would most definitely be defeated…oh how wrong I was. It was the lightest thing ever, literally like lovely sweet treacly air.

This is a brandy snap basket filled with amaretto ice cream and sprinkled with almonds – you could have the option of having it topped with amaretto at the table, however, considering the amount of champagne, wine and dessert wine we had consumed….this was decided against. Probably a wise move.

The cheese board.

A platter of Devonian cheeses from local farms, served with biscuits, celery and grapes.

After we had all devoured our puddings, it was pretty difficult to move so we sat there finishing our various drinks enjoying the atmosphere and chatting to the waiters and waitresses. It was nice to know we weren’t being pushed out, it felt like we could have stayed there all night.

When we finally gathered enough strength to move, we rolled down the hill to Torquay harbour. It really felt as if we were in a Spanish or Portuguese fishing town, for a start it had stopped raining (hooray!) and all the lights and the boats jingling and jangling gave it a real holiday feel.

The hill up to our hotel seemed particularly difficult after our amazing meal, but being that full was definitely worth it. For a newly converted fish fan, going with two seasoned fish lovers, we all couldn’t have asked for more.

See No.7′s menu here – make the effort and go there – you won’t regret it!

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